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LashSafe Silk Sleep Mask

LashSafe Silk Sleep Mask

Protects your lashes while you sleep.

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Experience an unparalleled blend of comfort and functionality with the LashLuxury LashSafe Silk Sleep Mask.

Specially crafted with lash care in mind, our mask pampers your lashes while you sleep, complementing the benefits of our LashLuxury Daily Eyelash Serum.

Our sleep mask boasts a unique eye cavity design, providing additional space to protect your lashes from potential damage or lash loss during the night. This innovative feature promotes the growth of longer, fuller lashes, helping you wake up to more beautiful lashes each morning.

Made from the finest quality silk, the LashSafe Silk Sleep Mask is not only luxurious but also gentle on your skin and lashes. The adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit, making it comfortable to wear throughout the night.

Beyond the mask, we've paid attention to the details of packaging too. Each LashSafe Silk Sleep Mask comes encased in a premium storage box, keeping it safe and clean while not in use. This also makes it an excellent gift option for loved ones who deserve a touch of luxury and beauty in their lives.

Experience the synergy of the LashLuxury Daily Eyelash Serum and the LashSafe Silk Sleep Mask – your ultimate duo for achieving the lashes of your dreams.


  • LashSafe Silk Sleep Mask
  • Premium Storage Box
  • Great nights of sleep with your lashes protected
  • Non-irritating and naturally powerful formula
  • Bold results in just 2-5 weeks
  • Clean Beauty that works!
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It is time to start living a life of LashLuxury.

Imagine waking up to perfectly full, long, and luscious lashes every day without the need for a high-maintenance beauty routine. Our natural eyelash serum was formulated using clinically tested peptides that help boost your eyelash growth cycle and result in stunning-looking lashes. It is time for you to start living in lash luxury.

Remember, if you don't see the long lashes you love, we send your money back, guaranteed. All we ask is that you recycle the tube. Try our vegan, non-irritating, eyelash growth serum today!

Yes, these are my natural lashes.


You want to increase the health and hydration of your lashes naturally

Damaged eyelashes due to the use of lash extensions

Achieve a major LASH BOOST ahead of a big event

To maximize lash length & thickness to frame your face and look more awake and energetic

You have experienced sparse eyelashes throughout your life

To strengthen your lashes while wearing extensions and avoid breakage

To nourish your lashes when they get slightly brittle

You want to try a vegan, clean beauty product risk-free with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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