Frequently Asked Questions

Is LashLuxury safe to use?

Yes. Unlike some eyelash serums known to have adverse side effects, LashLuxury does not contain any toxins or drugs. Our serum is a unique blend of soothing and hydrating natural ingredients combined with a powerful blend of lash enhancing peptides (short chain of amino acids).

How do I apply LashLuxury?

First, ensure that the eyelid is clean. Gently shake the tube and slowly draw out the applicator. Make sure to remove excess serum from the tip of the wand. Apply LashLuxury to the lash line as you would an eyeliner starting from the interior to the exterior area. Apply in the morning every day for 3 months and after 3 months apply every other day to maintain results. There is no need to apply on bottom lash. One dip of the wand is enough serum for both eyes.

Can I use LashLuxury if I have sensitive skin?

Our serum is not made with any toxic ingredients. The serum is designed to be soothing and hydrating. If you experience any irritation when using, apply every other day. If irritation continues, discontinue use for two weeks before starting a new routine. Contact your ophthalmologist for more information.

When will I see results?

Results may vary depending on factors such as age, sex and the frequency of application. Additional factors may include environment, medication and health. Most individuals begin seeing results after 3 weeks with full results within 3 months.

How long does a tube of LashLuxury last? 

A 3.5ml tube should last 4-6 months depending on level of usage. A 6ml tube should last 10-12 months depending on usage.

Where is LashLuxury made?

The LashLuxury serum is manufactured in Toronto, Canada.

Will the serum help with my brows?

Yes! The science behind our serum works to boost the health and fullness of your eyebrows as well. 

Can I use this product with lash extension?

LashLuxury is safe to use with eyelash extensions. The serum will nourish the roots of your real lashes which may help maintain the strength of your lashes while you are wearing extensions. Apply LashLuxury every other day while using extensions.


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