How To Use a Lash Serum

How To Use a Lash Serum

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Have you ever wondered how to use a lash serum?

Using a lash serum can benefit your beautiful lashes in many ways including nourishing your lashes, helping your lashes grow longer and keeping your lashes from breaking.

In this article we'll cover common lash serum questions and provide some expert tips as well!

What Is A Lash Serum?

Lash serums are cosmetic products that are formulated with ingredients that help boost your eyelash growth cycle and result in stunning-looking lashes.

Lash serums provide the following benefits:

  • Create longer-looking lashes
  • Increase the lash growth phase
  • Reduce eyelash shedding and breakage
  • Hydrate and nourish eyelashes
  • Can be used on eyebrows as well

Eyelash growth serums contain ingredients like:

  • Red Clover Extract
  • Peptides
  • Provitamin B5 (Panthenol)
  • Biotin
  • Aloe

Usually, with the consistent use of a lash serum, you will be able to see results within a couple of weeks.

One great tip that I learned is that consistency is critical, so keep applying the eyelash serum on the lash line every day!

How to use a lash serum

Eyelash Serum Application Process

How to apply lash serum:

1. Make sure that your lashes and your eye area are clean and completely dry.

2. Shake the serum in the bottle, then remove the applicator and gently wipe the brush on the rim of the bottle to reduce excess product.

3. Apply a thin line of the eyelash serum across your top lash line as if you are applying eyeliner.

4. Do not double-dip!

5. Make sure to apply either at the end of the night when you are done with your skincare routine or in the morning. This needs to be a part of your daily routine for the lash serum to work its magic.

6. Monitor your eyelashes starting at the 3 week mark. This is when most products begin to show results. Maximum results are reached at week 8. You can then apply the lash serum once every other day.

Which Lash Serum Should You Buy?

Many women ask: are lash serums safe?

You want to find a good quality serum because they are applied on your lash line and some products can irritate your eyes.

It can be challenging to find a suitable serum to use and purchase. This is because your eyes are very sensitive, and it's important to know what brand you are buying from.

Enough is Enough

For instance, you are paying for monthly eyelash extensions, buying falsies, and using raw castrol oil are all alternatives people use to achieve a long lash look. But, in the end, you will not see any beneficial results with these methods.

Also, even if you are looking to buy a lash serum, you have to be ready to find a lash serum that doesn't contain ingredients that will damage your lashes.

Furthermore, many lash serums on the market contain ingredients like parabens, another word for fragrance; this irritates our eyes.

For instance, other cheap serums you can buy from amazon contain ingredients like sodium chloride, citric acid, and prostaglandins. Unfortunately, none of these ingredients provides the right combination of nutrients to reach their full potential.

All Things LashLuxury

The natural lash serum uses clinically tested peptides that help boost the eyelash growth cycle and result in stunning-looking lashes.

Additionally, LashLuxury has a non-irritating serum that includes aloe and cucumber extract that provide extra soothing effects.

For instance, this lash growth serum does not darken your skin, change the colour of your eye, change the colour of your eye or cause rapid lash shedding when you stop using it.

Finally, the LashLuxury serum ranks at the top of the list for both efficacy and ingredients quality.

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Reasons To Buy a Lash Serum

There are several reasons why you should try a serum from LashLuxury; it will provide many benefits for your lashes.

Common reasons to try LashLuxury:

  • You have experienced sparse lashes throughout your life
  • Your lashes are thinning
  • You have damaged your eyelashes from the use of lash extensions
  • You want to strengthen your lashes and achieve a lash boost
  • To nourish your natural lashes

How Do Your Lashes Grow?

Your lashes go through a growth cycle. Your lashes go through shedding and regrowing, which is entirely normal.

The first phase is the period of active growth called anagen. The second phase, catagen, is known as the transition phase. This is where your lashes grow to their maximum lengths, and the hair stops growing.

Lastly, the telogen phase is the resting or shedding period, which lasts about three to four months. At this time, new hair begins to grow from the hair follicle.

Lash Serum On Eyebrows

For example, many growth serums can be used on your brows. Especially if you are struggling with your brows to grow faster, using a lash serum will increase their growth rate.

How to use a lash serum

Apply The Serum

Furthermore, a lash serum will change the look of your eyes. The result of using a lash serum will lead to thicker, longer eyelashes.

Even when applying makeup, the mascara you use will amplify your beautiful eyelashes. Eyelash serums grow new hair, especially in areas like the inner corner with shorter hairs.

Upper Lashes Vs. Lower Lashes

Firstly, a lash serum works both on your upper and lower eyelashes. Using the lash serum on your upper lash line will amplify your eyelashes.

Secondly, the lash serum applicator is easy to use, so you won't waste any excess serum when applying it to your lash line.

Longer Lashes Are Better

Finally, after using a lash serum, the transition will change your daily beauty routine. I believe you will never want to go back without using a lash serum ever again.

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