Damaged Eyelashes From Extensions - Avoid and Fix Damaged Eyelashes

Damaged Eyelashes From Extensions - Avoid and Fix Damaged Eyelashes

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Did you know that damaged eyelashes from extensions and falsies are happening more often today than at any other time in history?

Why is that?

For starters - there is no federal regulation that governs who can and cannot provide lash extension services in both Canada and the USA.

Secondly, in part thanks to the lockdowns, there has been a rise of "home lash technicians."

The lack of regulation means that anyone who opens an eyelash extensions business can now use the "training" they received from a YouTube video to do the work.

...these days anyone can be a lash technician:

In fact, since there are no standardized procedures in place for these businesses, some of them will simply make stuff up as they go along.

Damaged eyelashes from extensions, or worse, is what you get when there is a lack of proper training, education and experience.

So - how do you avoid damaging your lashes and what do you do if your eyelashes get damaged?

Choose a trustworthy lash technician

Choose a good lash technician or you'll get damaged eyelashes from extensions

A good lash technician is part lash artist and part eyelash expert.

To ensure you are working with a professional, only get lash extensions from a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.

No matter how many times your best friend's sister says she can do your lashes for a good price - don't risk damaging your eyelashes and only go to a professional!

Make sure that your chosen eyelash technician works in a clean and tidy space. Also, ask them about the quality of the products they use from the fake lashes to the glue.

A professional lash expert will always put the health and safety of their client first.

Use an oil-free eyelash serum

Many lash technicians will tell their clients to avoid using an eyelash serum because the oils in the serum will weaken the adhesive used to keep your extensions glued to your natural lashes.

This advice extends to moisturizers and cleansers which contain oil as well.

The good news is that some lash serums have been specially formulated to be oil-free.

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While some oils, like castor oil, can definitely keep your lashes looking healthy and nourished - they are not as effective as certain plant extracts, peptides and amino acids.

To keep your own natural lashes healthy while wearing extensions - apply a small amount of oil-free lash serum to your lash line every other day.

Check out this great list of the best lash serums for lash extensions for more info (linked).

Many women complain about brittle, stubby eyelashes after 6 to 9 months of wearing eyelash extensions. A little self care now can prevent damaged lashes in the future.

Take a break from eyelash extensions

Damaged Eyelashes from extensions - take a break

Every lash tech worth your time and money will advise their clients to take a break every 6 to 9 months from lash extensions.

Think of this like a much needed mini holiday for your natural eyelashes!

The reason is simple - eyelash extensions are hard on your natural eyelashes.

Between the glue, the weight of the fake eyelashes and the constant maintenance (brushing, straightening and drying) you are putting your natural eyelashes under a lot of stress.

The last thing you want is to permanently damage your eyelashes or end up with an eye infection.

Once you've had your lash extensions removed - follow some expert advice and use a gentle lash serum to help your natural lashes grow and boost your eyelash growth cycle.

Odds are that the lashes that held the extensions are weak and more brittle than you remember. But, this is ok.

A lash growth serum will help rejuvenate your lash line and strengthen your own eyelashes.

Are eyelash extensions worth the risk?

Even though wearing lash extensions is stressful on your natural eyelash health, it is one of the quickest ways to get big and bold looking eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are more expensive than using a lash serum and mascara but they can make your eyelashes look longer than any mascara ever could.

A good lash studio, staffed by professionals, will do their best to make sure the lash extensions do not damage your natural eyelashes. So, if you are going to get lash extensions, don't use an amateur!!!


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