Why don't my eyelashes stay curled? 4 Tips for your lashes.

Why don't my eyelashes stay curled? 4 Tips for your lashes.

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Why don't my eyelashes stay curled?

Have you ever wondered - why don't my eyelashes stay curled? This has been an ongoing issue that I have had for a long time.

I have been blessed with these long and beautiful lashes, but there is one problem; they won't stay curled.

Having long straight eyelashes has been a struggle. My eyelashes just grow straight. I've used many eyelash curlers, and none seem to be right for me.

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Why aren't my lashes staying curled?

Is it your lashes or is it your curler? There's a possibility that both are the problem as to why your lashes are not staying lifted. If you want your lashes to stay curled all day, you must be using a good quality curler that fits your eye shape and the length of your lashes.

I have owned many curlers because I never knew there were different types of curlers to buy that are suitable for your eyes. The goal is to buy a curler that is right for you.

A few lash curlers to check out would be:

Which curler is best for me?

All of these tools are amazing, you just need to find the one that is right for you. In the beauty world, you can look up to many influencers and makeup artists that influence what products you should buy.

If your eyelashes won't stay curled, and you're struggling to figure out what tool you should be using, I can help you.

The one I would recommend is the LashLuxury Lash and Brow Kit because it is designed for everyone's eye shape. This tool is made to last and keep your eyelashes stay curled.

Lash & Brow Styling Kit

Lash & Brow Styling Kit


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Are you using the proper technique?

The closer you are curling to the roots of your eyelashes, the better the results will be. I know it can always be frightening to do this, especially since we've all heard the story that there's a chance of ripping off your lashes.

Trust me, as long as you are careful, your lashes will be intact. The other issue is that people don't hold their curlers onto their lashes for a long time. Think of it as a curling iron. If you don't hold the curler for a long time, you get a smaller curl.

Whereas, if you wanted a few seconds longer, your curl can look more voluminous. It is recommended to pump the curler four to eight times at the root. Hold the lash curler and tightly squeeze and close the curler onto lashes.

Lash Curler Housekeeping

Just as cleaning your make-up brushes, your lash curler needs to be cleaned regularly. If your lash curler is covered in old dried mascara, take it as a sign to clean your curler for better results.

Not only is this going to prevent you from having curled lashes to their fullest potential, but it will also damage the lashes from using a product that wasn't clean.

Cleaning and changing the rubber cushion every three months is important for preventing bad eyelash curls. It won't give you the best result if you're not constantly keeping up with replacing the cushion as it wears out over time.

What are the tips and tricks I have used to have curled eyelashes?

Well, there was a lot of trial and error for sure. One of my biggest goals was to find a solution to have my lashes stay curled. Here are some of the methods that I have used:

  1. Heating up the curler
  2. The spoon trick
  3. Using waterproof mascara
  4. Getting them done professionally

Heating up the eyelash curler

You might think I am crazy for heating up my eyelash curler with a blow dryer, but trust me, it does work. It can be a bit dangerous, but it’s guaranteed to show better results than curling your lashes normally.

Think of this method as a curling iron but for your lashes. I would call this the heated curler strategy. Getting to the right temperature means that your eyelashes will stay curled longer, and then you don’t have to worry about your lashes going back to their original shape.

The heat is what makes the curl stick. The heated eyelash curler method could take up a bit of time, especially when you are in a rush. At the same time, it is worth a shot to try it out.

The spoon trick

Secondly, if we are being honest, I don’t like this method. I find it way too dangerous. I feel like I would rip out all my lashes.

This is an old-fashioned way to curl your lashes and make them stay curled. To do this, grab a spoon. Then, the curve of the spoon should be facing outward, away from your eye.

Press the base of your lash onto the spoon's edge with your thumb and pointer finger. Go through each section one at a time.

After some rigorous trial and error, we discovered that you need to flick a little to obtain the greatest results—and this is where it becomes dangerous. 

Using waterproof mascara

Maybe it’s your mascara? Have you ever thought about the quality of the mascara that you use could have an impact on your lashes staying curled? I thought about this.

I read that using waterproof mascara can make your lashes stay curled longer because the formula tends to be drier and so it is able to hold the curled lash better than a regular mascara could.

Getting them done professionally

Although being able to wake up with curled lashes is amazing, this option is the most expensive. Getting your lashes lifted and tinted gives you more time to sleep in the morning. It is one less step you have to worry about in your daily routine.

My favourite lash lift to get is the YUMI Lash Lift (a european lash treatment that uses keratin) which came to Canada in 2017.

When I get them done, it takes about a month before they go back down. Then you’re back to square one. I also don’t think using chemicals on your lashes constantly is good for their growth.

If you have straight lashes and they're at a good length, it is something I would look into to see if it would be worth spending money on. I believe that this method is good to use occasionally, but we shouldn’t be relying on lash lifts to keep our lashes curled.

Which Mascara Helps Straight Lashes Stay Curled

Having your eyelashes curled then applying mascara can make an astonishing difference. Applying mascara from the base of the lash line can keep your eyelashes curled.

Well, you have two choices to make: do you want to use regular mascaras or waterproof mascaras?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Regular Mascara

The mascara application process is easier than putting on waterproof mascara. When you have excess mascara on your skin, take a cotton pad and remove it.

Additionally, having straight lashes makes it harder to hold a curl because they want to go back to their original shape. So you really gotta think with your head what type of mascara you need.

Some that I would recommend are:

When applying mascara, you are looking for your straight lashes to turn into a curl. You want it to look natural, yet volumizing and lengthening.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara helps to hold the shape after curling your lashes. When you apply waterproof mascara, it prevents the lashes from pointing downwards or going back to their original shape.

Girl with mascara on eyelashes to keep them curled

The only thing is waterproof mascara has lower water content, or none at all, which makes them last. This can cause your lashes to become more brittle and dry over time.

To curl lashes properly, you need to use good waterproof mascara. The Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Mascara glides over your eyelashes. The formula gives your eyelashes a dramatic curl when you apply mascara.

A few waterproof mascaras that help with straight lashes to hold the curl better would be:

If your eyelashes won't stay curled, these mascaras help with your straight eyelashes hold the curl that you have been dreaming of having.

The amount of time it takes to put on your makeup, using waterproof mascara will definitely save you some time.

Save Your Lashes

If you don't like the idea of your eyelashes being brittle, dry and scared they might fall out, then wipe your tears away because LashLuxury will solve all of your fears.

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Additionally, if you have been struggling with getting your lashes to grow and your lashes seem thinner, investing in a good lash serum might be the way to go.

Applying a serum every night just takes up a few seconds of your day, but the results are astonishing. If you stick with the beauty routine, your eyelashes will thank you.

How Can LashLuxury Help

LashLuxury will have exactly what you need for your eyelashes to be thicker and beautiful. At the same time, the formula is created with cruelty-free and vegan ingredients that are gentle for your eyelashes.

The LashLuxury daily eyelash serum works to extend the amount of time that your eyelashes are in the anagen (growth phase) of the eyelash growth cycle.

You apply the wet formula on your lash line at night when you are done with your skincare routine or in the morning. Having long lashes changes your beauty routine and gives you a new look.

Falsies or eyelash extensions look good and make your eyelashes stay curled, but the only way to keep your eyelashes to stay healthy is to invest in a serum that won't damage your eyelashes but enhance them.

When you coat your lashes with this serum, the wand is very gentle on your eyelashes. This tiny brush makes your eyelashes feel rejuvenated.

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Daily Eyelash Serum


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How To Become a Pro With Your Eyelash Curler

If you think about it, the process of keeping your lashes curled is very simple.  Spending a bit more money on a quality curling tool will be something you won't regret.

It is a huge game-changer for your eyelashes. Make sure that your lashes and your lash tool are clean, before curling your lashes.

Secondly, making sure you are curling your lashes properly makes a difference in how your curl will turn out.

Additionally, the longer you hold the curl, the better the result. The curler should be resting on your cheek. If you lift the tongs, you can pull out your lashes. After curling your lashes, use a good mascara that will uplift them even more and not weigh your lashes down.

Finally, that way your lashes are more enhanced and beautiful. To keep your eyelashes curled takes time and effort. But it is rewarding seeing improvement in your real lashes when they curl the way you want them to look.

 Why don't my eyelashes stay curler? Try an eyelash curler!

Keeping Your Eyelashes Curled

I hope these tips helped you out with learning more about your eyelashes and your lash curler. This has helped me change the way I curl my lashes every day.

One small step can make a huge difference in the way your lashes look. Without the need for false eyelashes or extensions, longer and fuller lashes will draw focus to and frame your eyes, giving you a more refreshed and awake look.

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