How To Repair Damaged Lashes

How To Repair Damaged Lashes

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How to Repair Damaged Lashes

Having brittle eyelashes from lash damage can be exhausting. Have you ever wondered how to repair damaged lashes? Read the following for more insight on keeping your lashes long and healthy. 

Top Reasons for Damaged Lashes

  • Never washing off makeup
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Curling lashes after applying mascara
  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Lash tinting
  • Sharing mascara

Never Washing Off Makeup

Taking off makeup can be the most frustrating thing when you have had a long day and want to go to sleep. Unfortunately, this can turn into a bad habit.

On the other hand, not keeping up with a consistent cleaning routine can seriously damage your skin and lashes.

Mascara makes your eyelashes stiff, making it easier for eyelashes to break or fall off once they are on. When you compress your face against your pillow, it crunches your lashes and breaks them because they are already in a brittle state.

Waterproof mascara is one of the hardest products to remove. It is a strong formula, and when you use mascara daily, it can cause additional breakage when trying to remove the mascara before bed.

Additionally, waterproof mascara can pull and tug on your lash line over time, causing them to weaken and break.

Eyelash Extensions

What are lash extensions? Lash extensions are a form of semi-permanent fibres that are glued to your natural lashes to make them seem longer, fuller, and darker. You can use eyelash extensions if you don't want to curl them and put on mascara every day.

Eyelash extensions can seriously damage your lashes. If your lash technician is not trained properly, uses low end extensions or eyelash glue, or even makes one simple mistake - you could be in for seriously damaged eyelashes or even a bad eye infection.

Getting lash extensions comes with a price (above the price paid for the service). Although getting extensions is a faster way to get long and beautifully curled eyelashes, it can cause permanent damage to your hair follicle, and it can also cause eyelashes to fall out.

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Curling Lashes After Applying Mascara

Firstly, some people say that curling your lashes then applying mascara isn't enough. The next step would be to curl the lashes with the mascara on.

Secondly, this will harm the eyelash cuticle and induce lash breakage. Damaged eyelashes will increase hair loss and stubby eyelashes.

Don't curl your eyelashes after applying mascara. Always apply mascara after curling!

Rubbing your eyes

Rubbing your eyelids can be one of the worst bad habits. Not only can it cause an eye infection if you are touching your sensitive eyes, but it can cause more damage to your eyelashes.

Lash Tinting

Lash lifts and tinting your natural eyelashes are great and are done beautifully by lash technicians. It is also important to take a break from such powerful chemicals.

Furthermore, frequent usage of these may cause you to lose all of your lashes permanently. Treatments like this should only be used on special occasions.

Sharing Mascara

Sharing your makeup products with others is not the most hygienic thing to do. Mascara, in particular, is an ideal breeding ground for germs; its wet texture and black containers allow germs to breed quickly.

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Lash Growth 101

The three distinct phases in the eyelash growth cycle are:

  1. Anagen (active growth)
  2. Catagen (transition)
  3. Telogen (resting)

The Growth Cycle

Firstly, it is normal that eyelashes go through a natural cycle of shedding and regrowing.

Phase One

The first phase is anagen, which is the period of active growth. This usually lasts between a month to a month and a half.

Phase Two

Catagen is known as the transition phase, which is when lashes in the growth phase reach the maximum length, the hair stops growing, and the hair follicle shirks.

In addition, the transition phase lasts between two to three weeks. There is no pigment made at this time, and the lash follicle stops producing hair.

Lastly, the base of the hair follicles rises towards the skin's surface. When a lash falls out during catagen, it won't grow back until this stage is completed.

Phase Three

In addition, telogen is the resting or shedding phase. Telogen lasts three to four months. At this time, new hair begins to grow from the hair follicle.

Shedding will occur as the new hair grows upwards. The shedding of old lashes is a normal aspect of the replacement of an old lash with a new one.

The new eyelash emerges from the same skin surface opening as the previous one, and then the eyelash cycle restarts.

How To Repair Eyelash Damage

If you want a natural way to repair damaged eyelashes, you might want to consider using an eyelash growth serum.

A lash serum is a cosmetic product that makes your eyelashes grow. Hair growth is important because they go from being brittle, stubby eyelashes to long and healthy lashes.

What To Buy

There are a lot of lash serums on the market; it can be difficult to make a decision when purchasing a lash growth serum.

The ultimate goal is to buy a lash growth serum that is effective. It must have all the natural ingredients you are looking for.

Make sure to read both customer reviews and ingredient lists to avoid lash serums that cause irritation. 

The Go-To Lash Serum

Are you tired of using harsh chemicals on your eyelashes? The daily lash serum from LashLuxury will be a game-changer for your eyelash health and look.

LashLuxury is a lash serum that is natural and makes your lashes grow. This eyelash serum is so gentle and powerful that you will look like you have eyelash extensions by the end of it.

Having damaged eyelashes can be frustrating. Everyone wants to have fuller, longer and luscious lashes. The LashLuxury eyelash serum rejuvenates, strengthens, and hydrates your lashes.

Daily Eyelash Serum

Daily Eyelash Serum


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Ingredients Are Important at LashLuxury

Using castor oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, and vitamin e oil are all ingredients that promote hair growth. However, there are better and more beneficial ingredients in the LashLuxury lash serum that promote faster growth.

Some of the best ingredients to use on your natural eyelashes are:

Red Clover Extract

Rich in biochanin A, a powerful phytonutrient. It was traditionally used to treat various inflammatory skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.


They are made from amino acids. Peptides stimulate both collagen and keratin production, which are the building blocks of healthy, long lashes.

Provitamin B5 (Panthenol)

A powerful moisturizer that hydrates, repairs and strengthens weak eyelashes. 

Real Lashes Real Results

Whether you have suffered from damaged eyelashes, fake eyelashes, or wearing eyelash extensions, there are methods to repair and strengthen your beautiful lashes.

Your natural lashes deserve to take a break from the makeup and chemicals you put on them every day. The eyelash serum from LashLuxury has a 99% success rate and is clean beauty approved.

The LashLuxury eyelash serum does not contain prostaglandins, parabens, chemical preservatives, oils, or cheap filler chemicals. Your lashes will be softer, more hydrated, and healthier than ever before due to the ingredients in the formula.

How Does It Work

The steps to having long lashes are simple. Before applying, make sure you have your lashes dry and clean. Then, shake the serum in the bottle and gently apply a thin stroke of the eyelash serum across your top lash line.

Make sure to never double dip. Apply the serum daily for three months. You may see results in as little as three weeks, with maximum results achieved in eight to ten weeks.

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Final Look

Lastly, your natural lashes deserve to be taken care of. Using lash serums will make your natural lashes grow. Having to repair eyelashes might seem like a hassle, but LashLuxury's simple ingredients and use say otherwise.

Lashes are so important and need to be taken care of. Eyelashes require the right combination of nutrients to reach their full potential. That is why Lash Luxury is the perfect serum to buy!

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