Our Story

The Beginning
We were sick of our lacklustre lashes and we weren't willing to go through the pain and cost of lash extensions. We tried falsies, raw castor oil and finally a selection of lash serums but our eyes kept getting irritated and we just weren't seeing any results. We decided to take action. We were going to develop a highly effective lash serum that adhered to clean beauty standards.

 It was easy to start with what we DO NOT want. Many lash serums on the market contain alcohol, "fragrance" (a code name for over 3,000 toxic ingredients), and other ingredients that irritate our eyes. Some of the more prominent serums on the market contain BIMATOPROST, or a similar compound, which is actually a drug with some pretty nasty side effects.

The Breakthrough
We spent over a year researching ingredients, consulting with beauty insiders, learning from natural product experts and testing our serum before the EUREKA! moment.

Our eyelashes require the right combination of nutrients to reach their full potential. The three key categories are Rejuvenating, Hydrating and Fortifying.

LashLuxury daily lash serum. Longer, thicker and healthier looking lashes in as little as three weeks.

The first step to boosting our eyelashes is to rejuvenate the lash line with Aloe, Cucumber extract and Castor Oil. These ingredients are powerful antioxidants and help reverse naturally occurring environmental damage while slowing the ageing process.

To ensure maximal health and avoid brittleness, our eyelashes must be as hydrated as possible. Ingredients such as Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Sodium Hyaluronate (holds 1,000x its weight in water) and Honey Extract moisturize both eyelashes and the dermis of our lash line. Keeping our lashes hydrated also helps the strengthening ingredients reach all the way from the follicle to the tip of the lash.

Our unique multi-peptide complex (including Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 and Red Clover Extract) stimulates structurally important keratin genes and boosts collagen production. These ingredients strengthen your lashes and the follicles that hold them, extending the natural lash growth cycle and supercharging one of our most important facial features. 

The LashLuxury Daily Lash Serum Is Born
Our friends and family couldn't believe how well the serum worked. Then, our customers started sending us pictures of just how long and full their lashes were looking. We'd found the exact comination of ingredients we'd be look for.
It was time so share it with the world.

Our Mission
We're big believers in the Clean Beauty Movement. If there is a natural alternative, we're all for it. We want anyone looking to enhance the look of their eyelashes to be able to do so in a safe, non-irritating and bold way. Our lash serum will give you the look you crave with none of the side effects you fear.
LashLuxury daily lash serum. Longer, thicker and healthier looking lashes in as little as three weeks.