How to apply lash serum

How to apply lash serum

Here is a roundup of our top 5 tips on how to apply lash serum

Are you interested in trying an eyelash serum? Have you tried a lash serum before but have experienced irritation? Using a lash serum to boost your lashes is a great alternative to lash extensions, lash lifts or daily mascara use. Before you start using your new lash boosting serum, you need to learn how to apply the lash serum properly.

Just like any cosmetic product, eyelash serums have their own nuances for how and when you should apply them to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risk of irritation. In this article we’ll tell you our top 5 tips on how to use an eyelash growth serum.

Tip #1: Apply Your Eyelash Serum Daily

Just like a good vitamin or exercise routine, you should be using your lash serum daily for best results. If you miss a day then you can apply twice the following day to make up for the lost benefit. 

Inconsistent application is akin to inconsistent exercise or diet. You’ll never get the full benefit if you don’t commit to a daily routine.

Keep your lash serum tube in an easy to remember spot or with other products that you use daily. Even if you have a busy schedule or can be forgetful at times, keeping your lash serum in sight will keep it in mind!

Tip #2: Apply to your upper lash line only

Your upper lashes grow much longer than your lower lashes so it is important to apply the serum to your upper lash line. While we have heard of people having great results applying to both lash lines, it increases the risk of irritation if you put too much lash serum on.

After you apply the lash serum to your upper lash line, blink 5-10 times. Blinking will increase the chances of some serum reaching your lower lash line while avoiding over-application of the product. 

Tip #3: Apply your eyelash serum to a clean and freshly washed face

Before applying your eyelash serum make sure to wash your face with warm water, a non-irritating soap or use a mild cleanser. Make sure your face is completely dry before using the lash serum.

Our eyes are very sensitive so it is important to clear the face of any old makeup, dirt or other irritants that may latch onto your face throughout the day. 

Tip #4: Wait 5 minutes before applying eyeliner, mascara or other makeup to your eyes

If you don’t wait for the serum to absorb into your lash line before putting on makeup then you reduce the chance of it working effectively. 

You also increase the risk of smudging, especially if you’ve applied a particularly thick layer of lash serum.

Tip #5: Use 1 dip of the eyelash serum for both eyes

As we mentioned above, you can reduce your chances of any irritation by avoiding putting too much lash serum on your lash line. One dip of the applicator is normally enough serum for both eyes.

Your lashes can only absorb so many nutrients at one time. Over using your lash serum wastes the product without providing additional benefit.

How to use eyelash growth serum

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How to use a lash serum correctly