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Clean Beauty Eyelash Serum that just Works!

Have you always wanted long, beautiful lashes that draw attention to the eye, making you look more alert, awake and attractive?

So did we.

We tried everything available and discovered 2 core problems:

Firstly, that so few serums out there work. Especially the Amazon knockoffs are horrible.

Secondly, that the ones that did have so many over-the-counter chemicals in them they are more of a lash drug than a serum.

We want fabulous lashes, but we don’t want negative side effects. 

We want something that nourishes, strengthens, improves our lash health, AND makes us look fabulous.

This is why we created LashLuxury’s clean beauty serum. 

Using amino acids called peptides, we have created the only clean beauty serum on the market that improves the length and thickness of your lashes without chemicals. It does this by extending your natural lash cycle. Think of it like a protein shake for your lashes.

What other companies don’t tell you is that chemicals are cheap and easy to scale a business around.

The products work quickly and cost $2 to make. The problem is the results don’t last, and often lead to lash shedding, iris colour darkenening, irritation, and other intense long and short-term side effects. (Link to more info.) 

LashLuxury uses expensive, high-quality naturally derived ingredients that work long-term. You never need to take a break or worry about reactions. 

If you wear extensions, we don't use oils, so it doesn’t interfere with the adhesive. 

If you have allergic reactions, check out our ingredient table below to cross-reference ingredients. We are very detailed and believe everyone should know whats in the products they use.

When you look up ingredients on Paulas choice or Skindeep databases, every time we come out on top for high-quality ingredients

This is why our serum is one of the more expensive options.

We know our customers deserve the best and we want to be that for you. 

We know you spend time educating yourself on ingredients so we want to make it easy.

To put our price into context for you, we have created a calculator to compare with getting regular lash extensions.

So, Are you ready to achieve long, luscious lashes without any of the negative side effects?

LashLuxury Clean Beauty serum is here to help!

Our cruelty-free and vegan formula uses peptides to nourish and strengthen your eyelashes, stimulating growth and extending your natural lash cycle for dramatic, long-lasting results.

Your first-time buyers discount is 20% off plus receive a complimentary lash and brow kit with your order. 

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